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MyGurukul - The Initiation

‘Knowledge, like air, is vital to life. Like air, no one should be denied it’ – Alan Moore

The essence of this quote is what inspired Vivek Sonar to design and launch this unique application, to teach music. He strongly believes that nobody should be denied the opportunity to learn Indian Classical Music. Most often, people harbour the desire to learn but do not take the step forward because of numerous reasons, such as, they do not know where to start looking for an authentic teacher or they procrastinate the decision because of paucity of time. The MyGurukul application helps resolve both issues. Being a direct disciple of Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia ji, Vivek’s transmission of the learnings imitate the style by which he himself has learnt – the guru-shishya parampara.

The application has been designed in such a way that it mirrors the traditional ‘Gurukul’ system, albeit, in the digital space. Every student who signs up gains access to the various modules in each level and has to follow a methodology that has been designed for maximum impact. That way, unlike a class full of students where the teacher’s attention is divided, the myGurukul application caters to the most important desire of any student – individual attention.

The 4 stage Master Plan to learn to play the ‘Bansuri’ is the result of years of planning and research. Here is a brief outline of how the application works at the basic level. By following the teachings therein, one can learn the basics in 3 months. Once the student has understood how to play the basic 7 notes on the ‘Straight Flute’, he/she is taken through exercises that introduce the ‘aaroha’ and ‘avaroha’ of the entire scale of notes. The next lesson teaches how to hold and blow into the ‘Side Flute’. Emphasis is laid on body posture and finger positions, to hold the Flute correctly, before putting it to the lips. Then follows a lesson on how to play basic permutations and combinations. Finally, one is taught how to follow notations and start playing tunes. Each student is given a weekly practice plan to master the lessons taught, and for which one receives individual feedback. This helps one to gauge one’s progress and keep moving ahead.

Doesn’t it sound fantastic? What are you waiting for? Download the application, sign up and begin your lessons now! Come, be a part of the 2,50,000+ student fraternity, from across 50+ countries!

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